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Lasiris, Inc. 4-Beams

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Lasiris, Inc.
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New or Like New 
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Southern California
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4-Way This 4-Way Holographic Diffraction Grating. Is a 2-D beamsplitter diffraction grating, generating four beams in the configuration of the corners of a square, and is in new, unused condition. It is unblemished and has never been removed from it's box, with a circle of glass always covering it to protect it from dust. It measures 35 mm X 35 mm with the active (etched) area measuring approximately 33 mm X 33 mm, so it can accommodate laser beams up to approximately 33 mm in diameter. Its grating period is 10 microns and is designed like a checkerboard, with either all black squares etched or all white squares etched. It is made of UV grade fused silica and is AR coated on both sides. Although manufactured for 441.6 nm, it will work very well at other wavelengths such as 457.9 nm or 363.8 nm, delivering a minimum of 55% of incident beam power distributed equally in the four beams with the zeroth order reduced to less than 2%. It is one of two identical gratings, custom made by Lasiris, Inc., and the two together cost $3800Holographic Diffraction Grating
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