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Lasag SLS 200 C16

Manufactured by:
Model number:
SLS 200 C16
Year manufactured:
Very good condition 
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Parts and accessories:
Lasag / Rofin SLS 200 C16 100 Watt Laser // Pulsed Nd: YAG Laser // Prolas 2000 FO Laser Enclosure & Frame // 5 Axis Material Handling // Prolas XYZ Table with 12"-18" XY travel w/ nema23 brushless Servos // Fiber Optic Head (V2) // Prolas system w/ LLBK45-90 Degree Fixture & M-TSX-1D Translation Stage // RV120-MVTP Rotation Stage // Modular Fiber-optic beam guidance system w/ up to 6 fiber-optic outputs // Allows for Diverse Energy combinations & time-sharing // In combination of time-sharing, individual laser parameters are available at every fiber-optic output // Fiber-optic processing head (LLBK) // Hard Optics System // SLS 200 C16 is equipped with an internal water cooling circuit for optical and power supply // Equipped with Rapid-pulse Power Control System and RTPS Power Mains // M-Prolas Gas Valve // KC-100 Controller //// ***Also included with purchase of Laser is collection of binders which include comprehensive documentation and operation manual(s) which includes: Power Schematic Diagrams // Control Schematic Diagrams // Operating Schematic Diagrams // KC-100 Controller Diagrams // Cooling Schematics // Limit switch diagrams // Description & Repair NLS // Operting Instructions // Maintenance Diagram and Suggested Intervals // Parts List
Equipment location:
Additional information:
Laser model number: SLS 200 C-16
Max Average Power:
100 watts
Max Peak Power:
150 watts
Pulse Shaping:
System XYZ Travel (inches or ):
12 x 18 inches
System Input Power II:
440-480 VAC 3 phase
Max Joules per Pulse (joules):
120 joules
Pulse Width Range (msec):
1-20 ms
Pulse Rate Range (Hz):
80-500 Hz
System Controller & Software:
Software is 2011
Item Number:
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